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Connect Dish Network to Surround Sound System
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To connect a surround system to dish network, you need the correct equipment. All dish TV connections come with surround sound systems. So it is easy to set up the whole system. You only have to keep a few pointers in mind to enjoy surround sound while watching satellite TV channels. There is need for a digital output to enjoy true surround sound.

You need to check for coaxial, optical or even HDMI output on the cable box connecting your dish network. There should be compatible input on your home theater receiver. The appropriate cable for such connection is coaxial or optical cable that can handle both audio and video. Next you should connect digital audio input labeled ‘Cable’ or ‘TV’ on the receiver. Then the audio needs to be connected through to your dish TV. Once all these steps have been performed, it is really easy to enjoy surround sound on satellite TV channels.

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